We can help you improve efficiency in your business, clarity of your information, accountability of your staff and speed up your processes


Affordable Custom Software

Have you a manual or time intensive business process that could be done better? Have you considered automating using custom software but felt it was too expensive?

Cost effective
Affordable custom software development is now within the reach of many small businesses that couldn’t justify the cost before.
With our unique development platform appDB, we can create custom processes and automate your business for you faster, cheaper and more efficiently than any other traditional software development methods.
No up-front cost
Get a fully bespoke software solution for your business from just £12 a day
Industry Specific Solutions


Set your company apart from the rest

Fast turnaround

Be up and running with what you need quickly - we guarantee initial delivery in just 4 weeks!

Low or no hardware costs

Spend less on equipment and work anywhere you want

Peace of mind

Know that your solution is going to work, is going to last and can be supported

Easy to use

Less frustration learning something new - and we're here to help you if you get stuck

No need to compromise

Get exactly what you want without having to compromise on design or functionality

Keep what's working well for you already

Make use of the features you already have in other apps without costly redevelopment costs

If your business puts effort into streamlining its processes and tailors the software you use to exactly meet your needs, you achieve more


Faster, more efficient and more productive staff

02More time

More time to get on with selling your product or service rather than burying yourself in admin and manual processes

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Better communication with your customers and suppliers

Competitive advantage04

A unique advantage over your competitors – if they haven’t already done the same

Think it's going to cost too much?

There is a perception that custom development can be expensive – but with modern rapid application development techniques, affordable custom software is within your reach and may cost less than you think.

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