How much will it cost?

Fully transparent pricing for all work we do, before we start work for you.


Bespoke Solution Bundles

Why not consider one of our unique bespoke solution bundles? From a price of under £12 a day, with a 1 year minimum commitment

(all figures ex VAT)

  • Basic Bespoke Bundle

    What you get

    Initial business analysis session, your own personalised software application and import of your initial data
    a £1,050 value

    Up to 20 blocks of time to develop fully bespoke processes for you plus 1 app refresh per month
    a £3,900 value

    Total value £4,950 – saving you at least £750 More info

  • Standard Bespoke Bundle

    Everything in Basic, plus

    1 additional app refresh per month
    a £900 value

    An additional 15 blocks of time to develop fully bespoke processes and functionality for you
    a £2,250 value

    10% off any additional custom development needed

    Total value £8,100 – saving you at least £2,000 More info

  • Premium Bespoke Bundle

    Everything in Basic and Standard, plus

    Unlimited app refreshes per month
    at least a £1,800 value

    An additional 50 blocks of time available
    a £7,500 value

    Priority – we’ll go the extra mile to get your application fully delivered as soon as possible

    Total value £17,400 –  saving you at least £5,000 More info

All bundles include:

  • Continual enhancements
  • Project Management
  • Technical Architecture
  • Bespoke Development Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Cloud hosting if required


Standard List Price

If you would prefer to work with us on a day rate basis, our standard pricing is below.

(all figures ex VAT)

The team tasked with delivering your solution ready for use by your business, and making sure your business is ready for the solution. Tasks they will perform may include:

Training Workshops
Server Procurement
Cloud Services Setup
Application Maintenance
General IT Support

The team responsible for creating your solution. Depending on requirements, this can include:

Web Design – HTML/CSS
Javascript Development
VB.Net / C# Development
SQL Query Development
Report Development
Multidimensional ‘cube’ Development

Primary responsibility for defining the overall structure of your solution. Working closely with the project manager and your business, they will help ensure all parts of the project run smoothly. Tasks that they will perform include:

Requirements Analysis
Business Process Modelling
Entity Relationship Modelling
Technical Documentation

Work closely with you to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of your project. Ensure that the scope and direction of your project is on schedule and within budget.

How we add value to your business

By creating simple to use systems

Keeping it simple is always more cost effective than piling on complexity, as your staff can work faster and smarter, leaving more time for the stuff that matters in your business.

By creating a unique asset for your business that is your intellectual property

Your new software will add significant value to your organisation and set you apart from your competitors – software commissioned by you, based on your business processes and unique to your company can translate into a higher business valuation for your business in the future.

By creating applications from the ground up that are designed to improve your efficiency and increase your profits

We do this by automating manual tasks, optimising your business processes and augmenting expensive human resources with a systemised software solution.