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Business Manager

My business is not running as smoothly as I want, and I need help to introduce a solution that will improve efficiency, clarity of information, accountability of my staff and speed up my business processes

IT Implementor

I have in mind the technologies I need, and I’d like to find a custom software provider that can help me deliver an appropriate solution, on-time and on-budget

Software Developer

I’m an experienced developer and I need to know all the techy stuff

Why we don't sell industry specific solutions

Meet the team

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    Hayley Collins
    Accounts and Business Development
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    Luke Howard BSc
    Applications Team Lead
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    Applications Specialist
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    Matt Tilson
    Applications Specialist
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    Nick Burridge
    IT Support Manager
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    Jeremy Tilson
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Years in business
Total customers

Customers we've helped over the years

Completed applications

Bespoke software development solutions delivered to our clients

End users supported

Extensive experience helping people of all abilities get the best out of their IT systems

GBP saved

Our unique software development process can save our customers up to 75% of their project cost as compared to traditional methods


Bespoke Solution Bundles

Why not consider one of our unique bespoke solution bundles? From a typical price of just £17 a day for a new project, with a 1 year minimum commitment

(all figures ex VAT)

  • Basic Bespoke Bundle

    What you get

    Initial business analysis session and your own bespoke application model
    a £750 value

    Import of your initial data
    a £300 value

    1 app refresh per month
    a £900 value

    10% discount for any custom development needed

    Total value £2,250
    More info

  • Standard Bespoke Bundle

    Everything in Basic, plus

    1 additional app refresh per month
    a £900 value

    Up to 35 blocks of time to develop fully bespoke processes and functionality for you
    a £5,250 value

    Another 5% off any additional custom development needed

    Total value £8,400 – a cost saving of at least £2,400
    More info

  • Premium Bespoke Bundle

    Everything in Basic and Standard, plus

    Unlimited app refreshes per month
    at least a £1,800 value

    Up to 85 blocks of time available
    a £12,750 value

    Priority – we’ll go the extra mile to get your application fully delivered as soon as possible

    Total value £22,950 –  a cost saving of at least £10,950
    More info


All bundles include:

  • Continual enhancements
  • Project Management
  • Technical Architecture
  • Bespoke Development Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Cloud hosting if required

How we add value to your business

By creating simple to use bespoke software solutions

Keeping it simple is always more cost effective than piling on complexity, as your staff can work faster and smarter, leaving more time for the stuff that matters in your business.

By creating a unique asset for your business that is your intellectual property

Your new software will add significant value to your organisation and set you apart from your competitors – software commissioned by you, based on your business processes and unique to your company can translate into a higher business valuation for your business in the future.

By creating applications from the ground up that are designed to improve your efficiency and increase your profits

We do this by automating manual tasks, optimising your business processes and augmenting expensive human resources with a systemised software solution.


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