what is appDB?

What is appDB and why would you want to use it in your business?

Find out how our unique custom software platform can dramatically reduce the time, effort and expense needed to create a new software application, developed exactly to your own business requirements

Automated application design and development

appDB is the perfect platform for quickly and easily creating custom cloud applications that meet your specific business needs.

With appDB, you can define the components that your application should have and how they relate to each other, making it easy to build a full, ready-to-use web application.

And thanks to our automated development of the user experience, you’ll be able to get up and running quickly and easily – no coding required!

What appDB can do for you

With appDB, you can create custom cloud applications in minutes.

appDB helps you systemise your relational database design, so you can quickly build a full web application with all the features you need. And because appDB automates the development of the user experience, including navigation, data entry, lists, reports, queries, and more – it’s enterprise-ready right out of the box. Plus, with its help you can meet all those pesky audit and authority requirements.

So why wait? Get started today with appDB!

  • Create

    Create custom solutions at significant reduction in cost compared to traditional development methods

  • Design

    Effortlessly build a fully operational web application based on any custom database design you wish

  • Customise

    Add your own business logic wherever it's needed

  • Deploy

    Deploy changes to your production environment quickly and automatically


  • Multi Platform

    Works on any web browser - meaning less work for you to deliver your application to the people that need to use it

  • Standards Based

    Industry standard development tools are easier to support

  • Full Stack

    Database schema, server side plumbing and browser based Javascript are all created for you

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Generate a completed application in minutes

With enterprise class features including

  • User management

    linked into Active Directory or standalone

  • Permissions

    Set authorisation to access records in any table and create authority groups to manage who can see or edit sensitive information

  • Full auditing

    Who changed what, when

  • Role specific menus

    Hide or show menu items based on job role and access levels

  • Highly scaleable

    Load on demand features support millions of rows

  • Editable Lists

    In place grid-editing - just like using Excel

  • Template applications

    Save time by merging in functionality from a variety of ready to use applications

  • Export & Import

    Export and import all lists to and from Excel

  • Documents and reports

    Generate documents to a variety of formats including PDF, Word and Excel and send them automatically via email

  • Email integration

    Full integration with your corporate email system to automatically scan mailboxes and attach emails sent and received to records within the application

  • 2 Factor Authentication

    Use Google Authenticator or Authy to give you an extra layer of security beyond passwords alone

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Allow users to securely access multiple apps with a single set of credentials. Current integrations include Microsoft Azure AD with SAML 2.0

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