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With all the tools we have at our disposal these days, managing a team can still be a real challenge. We all know that time management software can help businesses run more efficiently, but most of the time it's not designed with small business in mind.

There are so many different ways of doing things and what works in one business doesn't necessarily work in another

Your team needs an environment that allows them to feel comfortable to ask questions and share ideas about the way they do their jobs.

It’s no longer just about how you organise your time, but also how everyone else in your business is working together to deliver on their own tasks and responsibilities.  Your customers expect great service from you, so it also needs to be easy for them to engage with you – whether that’s through live chat on your website, email support or giving you a call.

Managing all of this can feel like trying to herd cats!

Cost-effective team management business solutions

Our team management software will help your employees get things done faster so they can focus on what matters – like growing your business! By automating tasks and helping your staff work together better you’ll see an increase in productivity and efficiency across the board.

As a local software company with a proven track record that you can trust, we can provide you with your own bespoke, resource efficiency solution, designed around how your business needs to operate. Team management software with a difference, built for you, but from a proven, tested starting point that dramatically reduces the cost of creating custom software.

Designed and built for your business

Our appDB platform provides a great way to get a custom team management application written for your business, faster and more cost-effectively than any other solution on the market.

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    We can create a custom solution for you, designed, built and ready for use in your business, in less than one day.

  • For just £499 setup + £39 a month ongoing cloud hosting

    At a flat cost of £499 for software setup then a simple monthly cloud hosting charge ongoing from just £39 a month *.

Team management with a difference

Ever struggled to get the efficiency right in your business? Do things take far too long? Not syncing calendars and schedules, or continually missing important steps in the delivery of your product or service?

Most time management software you’ll see focuses on the individual tasks one person needs to do. Our solution, out of the box, seamlessly allows your team to work together in delivering higher productivity to your business and great service to your customers.

  • Drag and drop calendars and schedules

    See at a glance what needs to be worked on - individually, in small groups, or for your whole team

  • Create journeys, stages and actions

    Our unique journey system ensures that what you need done by your team, gets done, repeatably and consistently on every job

  • Focus on the things that matter

    Implement The ONE Thing in your business to help your team focus on the things that are the most important to you

  • Take an OKR based approach

    Based on the popular OKR system, create objectives and set key results for your team to ensure that the things you want to achieve are on track

  • Time recording

    If needed, create timesheet entries and see at a glance what time is spent, where

All of this base capability, ready to use immediately

Some of the core functionality we provide on all solutions. You can be sure that any work we do for you is secure, supported, and regularly updated to provide a robust, future-proof, and valuable new asset to your business.

  • Secure user management

    With multiple ways to keep your data safe at different levels of user access

  • Drag and drop

    Drag and drop 'Trello' like board capability on anything you want

  • Inbound mailbox scanning

    Automated inbound email scanning across all your mailboxes, import and link directly into your application

  • Send emails automatically

    Create templates for outbound emails, attach any document you want to them

  • Link your systems up

    Once set up, send information to and from your other systems with ease

  • Scaleable

    Your new solution is proven capable of supporting hundreds of users and millions of data records if needed

Need to do something other than just team management?

The appDB platform will also allow you to add in a number of other ready to use template solutions, combined together if required and then adapted to your needs.

Here are some examples, with more being added regularly

Room and equipment booking

  • Drag and drop calendars and schedules for your rooms or equipment
  • See at a glance what is booked out and when
  • Create journeys, stages and actions to make sure the things you need are done on each booking

Quotes, sales orders and invoicing

  • Handle any job from initial enquiry through quotation, delivery, invoicing and follow up aftercare
  • Make sure that the service or product you provide your customers with is delivered to a high standard, with a consistent approach to each and every one.
  • Receive enquiries and orders via your website and turn them into requests on your system
  • Send customers and invoices to your accounts system (Sage, Xero and Quickbooks supported) – no need for rekeying


  • Create eMyth position agreements for every role in your business, and design the business you want to have, not just the business you’ve got
  • Set company standards that you’d like every member of your team to stick to
  • Assign your team to positions and create a ready made position agreement contract for every position they’re assigned to for you and them to sign
  • Visualise your position agreements as an organisation chart
  • Record and track holidays and sickness

Business Growth Tracker

  • Build your own achievement system to help you define what you need people to do – and reward them for it
  • Create a daily scorecard to instantly know if you’re on track with your targets


  • Extend your solution with high quality document and report output
  • Email on a schedule to the people that need to see them
  • Or email as part of journeys, stages and actions at the relevant point in a process

API’s and Webhooks

  • Link your solution to any third party cloud provider that supports webhooks and API’s
  • Pull and push information to and from any part of your solution either on a schedule or in response to an event

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* Initial setup cost is based on providing a team management solution with standard functionality and a small amount of customisation. Further costs may apply depending on your requirements but we’re always looking to improve our products and we may be able to offer some additional functionality that you’d need at a reduced charge – please contact us for details. £39 cost per month provides for up to 10 users with basic support and further charges may apply depending on your needs. We have outbound email support for all systems, but inbound mailbox scanning is currently limited to Office 365 or Exchange based email systems. T&C’s apply. All prices exclude VAT.

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